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About Us

History of Bliss Unlimited

Bliss Unlimited is a project of We Care for Youth (WCFY), a Burbank, California based not-for-profit organization. It was started in response to the needs of teens seeking employment and connection to their community. WCFY has provided thousands of at-risk and mainstream youth with life-skills and employment readiness training and job placement, at no cost to them or their families. As with all projects, WCFY uses Positive Youth Development (PYD) fundamentals in the development and delivery of trainings and programs at Bliss Unlimited.

The challenge to provide more jobs for youth, high-level job skill training and mentoring on an on-going basis, created Bliss Unlimited. The business initially started as a coffee brokerage operation in 1995 in a partnership with the Glendale based Piacere Coffee. Teens were instructed in all aspects of gourmet coffee products and sales techniques. They began selling coffee to business and government leaders in the Glendale, CA area in 1995.

Charity Projects